Get closer to the business you dream of with automated help

Stay on top of your business even when you're out on the go. Run and grow a remarkable personal business you're proud to call yours with Aliud Assistant.
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Run your business faster from the palm of your hand

You wear many hats as a business owner. Manage everything about your personal business without loosing your hat when you're out on the run. Aliud Assistant grows and adapts to your day-to-day business needs.
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Your very own business A.I.

Meet Aliud Business Assistant, a virtual bot that automates the online part of your offline business. Sell with Aliud Seller and access time-saving features only available from Assistant.
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Achieve more with your personal sidekick

Running your business doesn't have to be painful. Stay on top of things with your own personal sidekick. Take Aliud Assistant wherever you go as a Aliud Seller and benefit from more profit and time saving features.
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Guides you through your business journey

Sellers love being shown what is and what isn't working. Assistant provides easy-to-use reports to help guide and motivate you to do more business deals.
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How to sell smarter

Get tailored business support that guides you along your business journey with Aliud Assistant. Learn from your past performance and dive deep into what's working and what's not. Track and monitor changes sent to you and action automated suggestions to improve your selling chances.

Learn from your past and future performance

MyStore Performance Snapshots
Your ability to grow your business smoothly matters on the information you're given. Receive customer and MyStore reports only Aliud Assistant can offer and make your business journey a little less bumpy.
Offer performance Snapshots
Customers buy service and product Offers from Aliud Sellers and brands they trust. Grow your trust, conversion rate, and brand awareness with suggestions and feedback sent directly to you.

Learn from trends and reports exclusively for you

Customize Offer Feedback
Learn from your trusted fans and ask customized feedback questions on every Aliud order. Aliud Assistant auto-selects the right question to ask each buyer depending how well the order went. Use the feedback to improve and make you business shine.
Live Market Reporting
Request Center and Marketplace are changing all the time. Learn about new opportunities from Aliud Assistant. Adapt your business and learn from reports that show your past and where your personal business might lead to next.

Manage your business like a superstar!

You are a trusted brand because you have earned it from your customers. Trading value and staying to your promise matters most. Smoothen out the experience with business management features powered by Aliud Assistant.
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Helpful Features

Whatever you sell on Aliud, get personalized business management support with Assistant. Forget the soon-to-be lost sticky notes, late reminders and sleepless nights - do more business and make more profit with helpful features.

Features to give buyers excellent buying experiences

Order Schedule Management
Run your business around the clock without being tied to the clock. Assistant helps you receive orders and communicate details with buyers creating a seamless customer experience. Assistant books your confirmed orders in your calendar and suggests alternate times to buyers if you're busy.
Service location and availability
Your MyStore Offers can be available from a fixed location and wherever you go. Set your preferences on each Offer so Aliud Assistant can show Buyers entering your service zone your Offers. Enable live-tracking and notify your subscribers of your presence without lifting a finger.

Get assistance during Buyer orders on Aliud

Order Updates
Share your location, current order status, and estimate your time to completion with buyers.
Receipts & invoices
Your administrative paperwork is handled behind the scenes so you can be in the limelight.
Order Overtime
Assistant will help you retain profits by mediating order cancellations.

MyStore support features from Aliud Assistant

Order Abandonment Recovery
Assistant will send cart reminders to buyers who did not complete order requests. This helps keep your business in mind when customers make buying decisions.
Inventory Management
Never miss a profit-making moment again with Offer checkups. Add more quantity and review suggested changes to optimize your Offer and chances of success.
Annual Financial Reporting
The money you earn as an independent contractor must be reported on your tax return. Assistant reminds you when it's time and provides an annual snapshot of your business including expenses. File Form W-2 and 1099-Ks with confidence.
CRM and Customer Follow-ups
Your customers trust you because of your personal connection. Assistant helps you show your buyers you care. Strength the bond with customer follow-ups, notes, and previous conversations available just a few taps away only on Aliud Seller App.
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Seller behavior recognition

Aliud Assistant learns your usage behavior to give you a personalized experience across all Aliud services. Assistant will notify you through email and sms if some else is using your Aliud.

Get assistance when you need it most

Whether you're down the street or across town on an order, knowing your personal business is safe and secure is important. Assistant helps track and monitor your business data, performance, and customers.

Assistant will even notify you when something isn't quite right.
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Assistant helps you grow trust

Top Rated, Pro and Verified Sellers grow their business income faster and trust level with Aliud Assistant. Get tips and tricks on how to get there with an A.I. guiding you along the way.
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Understandable data to help grow your business

Discover what is working, how your customers engage with you, understand your local market and know how well your paid Promotions are going all from one place.


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