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Features that make buying on Aliud easy

Buying from local small businesses is a seamless shopping experience from start to finish no-matter what you get.
Girl dreaming about buying features that make it easy to shop on Aliud.
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Orders start on command

Begins in 30 minutes or less
Specific or flexible timing options
Order on demand product and service Offers, easily manage orders, message, and tack your local Seller's progress straight from the Aliud Buyer App.
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Search offers on command
Buying features

Familiar features you wouldn't expect from a startup commerce platform

Aliud Buyer App is your all-in-one personal business command center. Augmenting your personal business experience is our full-time business.

Video-shop Offers from trusted local Sellers

Aliud Marketplace was designed so Sellers could build trust and show you their personal Offers using short and entertaining videos.

Every order just for you

Purchase orders your way

You're in control when you buy on Aliud. Customize Marketplace Offers to match your personal needs.
  • Add Offer Extras

    Customize Market Offers so they're perfect for you by adding Offer Extras made available by the Seller.
  • Request Proposals

    Create a public Request for anything you need and choose the best Seller.
Get a birthday kit for kids that contains everything you need for an awesome party
Chat, get help, and finish orders on command in Aliud Buyer App
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Manage Market Orders

Aliud order management is seamless and really easy. We'll notify you when your order is accepted by the Seller. Track your order progress in Aliud Buyer App.
Choose the best seller with profile badges and help from our matching software
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Selecting Sellers

If you created a new public Request, we'll help show you which Seller best matches your requirements so you can accept Bids with a peace of mind.

Order Progress Tracker

Never feel in the dark when you buy from an Aliud Seller with live GPS tracking, order status updates, and order finish countdown.
Tracking your orders bought on aliud from start to finish with gps and order progress updates
Aliud Seller Pro Badge for MyStore Profile or Marketplace Offers.
Skilled and recognized Sellers who deliver amazing results on time everytime.
Aliud Seller Top Rated Badge for MyStore Profile or Marketplace Offers.
Only the top 5% of Sellers near you get this badge.
Aliud Seller or Buyer ID verified Badge for MyStore or Profile.
Sellers who chose to get their business and personal identity verified by us.
Seller Badges

Easily spot the best

Hire and buy from some of the best personal businesses near you. Only the top Sellers get Offer and MyStore badges. Whatever you need, they've got it coved.
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Even more useful features designed to help you shop local

How to Buy
Subscribe to Sellers
Subscribe to your favorite Offers and MyStores to get exclusive highlights and Seller updates.
Pay by Card or Cash
You choose. Pay by card in-app or by cold hard cash for your Aliud Marketplace and Requested orders.
The Aliud Guarantee
Buy with confidence knowing you're protected.
Private Chat
Start conversations and ask questions before, during, and after your orders.
Live Order Support
Got a problem? We're here to help you during your active in-app orders right in Buyer App.
On Demand Resources
Find support anytime.

Ready to get started?

Get anything on demand from trusted local sellers on Aliud.

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