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Buying local products and services is simple

Shop with confidence knowing who you're buying from and what you're getting and when.
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How to buy

Everything you need to shop local

Buy Offers from Sellers near you with Aliud Buyer App. Buy local goods and hire people down the street or across town on Aliud Buyer App today!
Buying Market Offers
Browse, customize, and buy Offers from Sellers near you
Posting new Requests
List a new Request, receive Bids, and choose the best
Managing Aliud Orders
Track order status, location, and more
Tips for Buying
Buy smarter to get more out of Aliud

First, complete your buying profile

Before you discover what Aliud Sellers have to offer, complete your buyer profile (or shop as a guest) with some important information Sellers mights need to know about you.

Buying Basics

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Buying basics for every Aliud order

Marketplace Offers and Posting Requests are fully customizable so you can get exactly what you want when you want.
All in-app orders are covered by the Aliud Guarantee.

Buying Services

Services are the most flexible Offer type.
  • Pay a set price - Pay the exact amount shown on the order review screen and confirm the execution time.
  • Pay hourly wage - Pay by the hour in increments of 15 minutes up to the maximum budgeted amount.
  • One or more locations - Set up to 3 locations or have the Seller choose them before you order.

Buying Products

Delivery is popular and convenient
  • pickup icon
    Pickup - Grab your product from your Seller once the order is active and the location is revealed.
  • delivery icon
    Delivery - Have your Seller hand-deliver you new products or get them shipped to you before the time is up.
  • Offer Extras - Customize all you Aliud orders with Offer Extras to make it just right for you.

Buying anytime is possible on Aliud

You choose when you want your Offers executed. Shop Offers listed in Marketplace and post Requests in RC. Get all Aliud orders on demand and scheduled in advance.
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Buy On Demand Offers

Start in 30 minutes or less
The order is immediately active and the Seller begins to complete before the end-time is reached. A penalty will occur if they go overtime.
  • Fast - Agree and start before 30 minutes is up leaving enough time to get ready.
  • Ready - Shop Sellers who have one foot out the door and near you ready 24/7.
  • Correct - Sellers who finish before the time is up are incentivized by you and us.

Book Offers for later

Schedule Orders
Choose a date(s) or range and time(s) or range for the order. Your Seller will request permission to start. A penalty will occur if they go overtime.
  • Precise - Sellers list Offers bookable for when you need it making it simple to buy.
  • Convenient - Get Offers lined-up in advanced saving you time and stress.
  • Flexible - Renegotiate for a better time or cancel a Seller if something comes up.

Explore Offers

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Shop Offers from local Sellers

Discover unique product and service Offers from people near you in under 20 seconds. Shop Offers in over 1,500 categories. Find exclusive services and one-of-a-kind handmade goods.
Pull down to refresh Aliud Marketplace with fresh local Offers.

Find high-quality Offers

On Aliud you'll discover a variety of top independent and local business owners, from massage therapists to vegan cake creatives, bicycle lenders, math tutors, and bath bomb makers.

Expect to find only the unexpected

Your search will never turn up empty handed. Trust suggestions powered by artificial intelligence to bring you something unexpected when browsing and searching.

Favorite MyStores and Offers

Show your support and easily find all your favorite Sellers and listings on Aliud Marketplace.

Subscribe to MyStore and Offer updates

Subscribe to exclusive subscriber-only highlights and promotions only available to Aliud Buyers.

Look for badges

  • Professionals - Offers of the highest quality and professionalism. Look for product tags, licenses, and other forms of accreditation and recognition.
  • Top Rated - Sellers who consistently deliver Offers with ratings in the top 5% per category.
  • Verified - Sellers who have confirmed their identity with us and are who they say they are.
Sellers with more MyStore badges Offer high quality of service, on-time order delivery, and fantastic customer satisfaction.

Buy from the best

Watching Offer videos and learning about Sellers is a great way to find what you need.
  • Personal Stories - Discover what makes Sellers unique and why they do what they do.
  • Top Skills - Review professional and self-taught skills to give you confidence in your Seller.
  • Real Reviews - Connect with real Aliud Buyers who left reviews on Offers you want to buy.
  • Links - Explore your Seller online: social media, business websites, review boards, and more.
Aliud post a request and choose the best seller bid

Slide to buy

Verify your Market Offer checkout details and slide to send the purchase request to the Seller. They must confirm your purchase before it becomes active.

Post Requests

Aliud request center logo on transparent background.
Aliud request center icon.
Post a request official icon for Aliud Buyer App and Seller App.

Post a Request

Can't find what you're looking for? Post a product or service Request to start getting Seller Bids. Compare and choose the best one.
  • Fully Customizable Forms
  • Instantly Live for Bidding
  • Modify After Posting
  • Payment Guarantee
    Learn More
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Aliud Request Center ordering process

Send unlimited Request to your Aliud RC and accept bids from local sellers.
Add great media and write a comprehensive Request description
Review Seller bids, compare past reviews, and agree to the Request details
Choose to confirm a Seller before the last possible start time is reached

Creating New Requests

Attract and do business with the right local Seller for whatever you need by posting a new Request to Aliud Request Center.

Review Seller bids

Browse Bids and Sellers that have the skills and expertise you need at your desired price and schedule. Request products and services just like you would with Market Offers. Choose one Seller or none - you're in control. Look for MyStore Badges.

Confirm the best qualified

Attract more and better qualified Sellers by requesting Pro Sellers First. Share your Request anywhere on the internet to maximize your chances of finding the right Seller.

Manage Orders


Stay on top of all your Pending, Active and past orders in one place.

3 tabs to manage all your orders

Navigate left and right to access all your Orders. Sync your Orders with your device calendar and never miss an order.
Easily manage orders in aliud buyer app in one tab called active.
Aliud order pending icon.

Orders waiting approval

MyStore Offer purchases and Seller Bids waiting approval.
Aliud active icon.

Orders in process

Orders confirmed and to be completed before the time's up.
ALiud archive icon.

Completed and failed orders

Completed, not started, and failed orders and Requests.

Buy Better

Keep it simple and be flexible

You're buying on Aliud because you want something or someone local and you want to empower a small business. Make it easy for everyone, keep things simple, close to home, and straightforward. Be willing to work neighborly with your Aliud Seller.
  • Allow time before and after your orders for you might need additional travel time or incase something else comes up.
  • Share short and accurate details that contain only relevant information for your order.
  • Negotiate the scope, price, location, and other details of your order before you buy.
Aliud shopping bag on a box ready to be shipped to a customer.
Aliud Seller helping Aliud buyer stretch during an Aliud on demand Marketplace order for local services and products

Succeed on Aliud Buyer

Whether you're person looking for a great deal or someone's skills and talent in high in-demand, use these tips to to get more from your Aliud experience.

Be honest

Personal business requires trust and confidence in both parties involved. Be authentic, truthful, and respectful towards all your customers. Review our Trust and Safety Center to learn more.
Ready to start shopping local personal business Offers near you?
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Shop Offers from local people doing business

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Buying local made easy

We're making commerce better for everyone. Try Aliud Buyer App and see for yourself how simple you can start buying from independent small businesses near you.
Phill M.
Buys eggs and produce from neighbors
I found my neighbor on Aliud Marketplace. They live just down the street and sell their extra eggs and leftover garden veggies at an incredible value for being in town.
Taisa S.
Requests a self-care box of treats monthly
With Aliud, I can ask my community for help when I can't do something myself. I create a small list of things I need and a choose the best bid from Sellers who get jobs done right.


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