Job Description:

The Android Mobile Developer will research and help deploy innovative features on our mobile apps by delivering integrated projects, providing enhancements, and integrations across Aliud Services on our Android mobile platforms.

Reporting to our Director of Products, the Android Mobile Developer will work with members of our talented Engineering and Products Teams to research, develop, maintain, and improve our android apps. By gathering requirements, building modules, and testing features before deployment, android developers will use a systematic approach to solving problems. As we work together to empower small businesses worldwide, you’ll be responsible for diagnosing, analyzing, and resolving relevant issues based on testing and user behavior. Android Developers and other Engineering and Products team members work in unison to define, scope, and refine the user-facing features and interactions by analyzing and optimizing the systems to achieve the highest ROI and to meet the overall Products Team goals.

We’re looking for someone who is not only talented in bringing new features to life on Android systems but can collaborate with other developers and integrate only the best features in a structured manner. If writing efficient, documented, and readable code for Android is something you are passionate about, you might fit well within our team.

The Android Mobile Developer will:

  • Build, maintain, test, and improve the performance of Aliud Buyer and Seller Apps on Android devices and perform minor website integrations.
  • Perform coding, code commenting, debugging, bug fixing, testing, code reviewing, and other related activities in accordance with designs and project standards.
  • Suggest how to solve technical challenges with efficient, modular, and scalable solutions.
  • Write technical design specifications, participate in design reviews, and provide input to the Engineering and Products Team through carefully thought-out recommendations.
  • Work in a dynamic, cross-functional scrum team and contribute thoughtful estimations of effort required and dependencies to proposed software solutions by team members.
  • Collaborate and iterate with our Design, Products, and Engineering team members to help bring beautiful, usable, and scalable features to life across Aliud services.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate or master level degree in Design, Computer Science, Engineering, or a Technology related field.
  • Fluent in major Android languages and would be able to switch between multiple languages. In our stack, we mainly use Go, Scala, TypeScript, React, Node.js, Php with Swift, Kotlin, and Java for our apps.
  • Previously built and developed apps and/or systems using Cross-platform technology (Flutter, Reactive Native, Xamarin) or Android or iOS.
  • Fluent in modern catching, APIs, and building or integrating SDKs.
  • Experience with containerization using Docker and Kubernetes is an asset.
  • Familiar with performance optimization, caching, and security.
  • You have solid experience building SaaS software (preferably marketplaces).
  • Experience publishing mobile apps via the Google Play Store.
  • Experience with big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is preferred.
  • Experience with release management, quality assurance, and change management.
  • Ability to multi-task priorities and manage competing demands.
  • knows how to find and use tools to get the job done.
  • High personal integrity.

Note: You may not have expertise in all our programming languages or technologies. That’s OKAY. What’s important to Aliud is your ability to support your team and teams across Aliud that don’t directly work with you and hear the problems they want to address, propose possible solutions, advise on tradeoffs, and implement high-quality features while maintaining clear lines of communication.