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Aliud is the future of commerce

The all-in-one commerce ecosystem to start, run and grow your personal business.

What is Aliud?

People video-shopping on demand product and service Offers from small local businesses.

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Who we are

We ignite opportunity by empowering local business

Great things happen when we follow our passions, whether it's something brand new or fuelling life-long success. Opportunities appear, open up, and become reality.

What started as a way to shop and sell online has led to moments of inspiration and personal growth. With the help of our technology, small businesses and their customers anywhere around the world can expect a seamless personal business experiences.
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Discover remote and local opportunities around the globe. Don't worry, you'll never have to fix a printer jam again.
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To make commerce better for everyone

Aliud's software is transforming how personal business gets done. We're bringing people and technology together to build a thriving personal network of unlimited economic and personal growth opportunities.
Founded in 2018
Aliud was founded in 2018 with a goal to make personal buying and selling frictionless
Our Vision
Use software to create sustainable economic and personal growth opportunities
Our Impact
Thriving communities of smiling freelancers, entrepreneurs, and artisans

Starting a business is was so painful

"Rational people stop doing things that hurt in order to survive."
A message from our founder:
A long time ago, before the internet, people would engage in commerce with neighbors down the street and across town. They did not have to worry about big brands stealing their customers because people knew and valued personal business Offers. Today, everything has moved online and everyone is fighting to be seen and to build brand trust. Small business providers who are not fluent in software and complex marketing hacks are competing head-to-head with big advertisers. They have unlimited resources, talent, and time. This isn't fair and local people selling to people deserve a fair chance. A place for the entrepreneur mindset to thrive.

Aliud is that place for millions of local and small sellers to do business. Aliud empowers amazing people with the resources to live a rewarding self-employed life.
Dominique Beaupre
Founder of Aliud

At Aliud, our shared beliefs belong to everyone

No matter where we are

We see opportunity in evolving corporate values and we all work with a generous purpose to turn them into shared beliefs. This is our mindset and how we discover new opportunities to make our company and customers’ lives better. Heads up, they tend to be contagious.

Our Company Shared Values

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We embrace adversity and ability to see beyond the ordinary expressed through our continuous action. It’s about having definite goals and being nimble enough to embrace the unexpected opportunities. We’re improvisational and we leverage context and perspectives to move and grow forward together as a team.
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Extraordinary results come from our ability to expand our minds by seeing opportunity in everything we do. Our mindset determines our attitudes and actions. It is impossible to be creative if you lack a disciplined mind. We condition our minds against negative influences so we are able to find more opportunity in everything.

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Self-confidence, intellectual curiosity, and mental toughness help us shape, center, and overcome our challenges.
We find success by developing mental connections with others. We do not let outdated thoughts rule our reality. We are brave and ambitious - with a burning desire to see things through to completion.
Aliud core value passion icon
Only you can identify the kinds of challenges that will stimulate and transform you into someone better. Find love in the challenge, trust the process, and endure the journey. When we’re authentic to ourselves, with a genuine desire for excellence, we become fearless and unleash our creativity because we know success is achievable.
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Dream Big
Our goals and dreams matter. Dreams are the seedlings of reality and nothing happens until we start dreaming. Believe you can, and you will. Develop a limitless state of mind with a definiteness of purpose so you can be ready to capitalize on opportunities when they come. Nothing is ever too big.

Aliud's core value courage icon
We are brave and willing to do whatever it takes because we're strong and have no fear of criticism or rejection. Be strong enough to see beyond the obvious to avoid complacency. Act with a bold and calculated approach, be flexible, and have the willingness to do everything it takes to continue forward.
Aliud core value integrity icon
We're honest and authentic towards ourselves and others even when it's the hard thing to do. Nothing endures without trust and we believe respect reverberates and multiplies our impact over time.
Aliud core value responsibility icon
We're dependable towards ourselves and others and are accountable for the outcomes of our own decisions. We owe it to ourselves to be great and we’re conscientious of it through our daily actions.

Services by Aliud

We use technology to spark curiosity and propel businesses forward
Discover products and services sold by local sellers in less than 20 seconds
Business Management
Sell Offers, Bid on local Requests, and grow your personal business
Market Insights
Use data and customer insights to optimize your business profits
Virtual Assistance
Get AI running your business with automation, tips, and more
Learning Center
Learn about personal business, marketing, get ideas, and more
Software Support
Find helpful resources and tips for using Aliud Services.
Mountain range Aliud is committed to protecting through CSR initiatives.

Corporate Citizenship

We love our hometown of Edmonton, and we see a future where we support our Canadian economy with our remarkable community services that provide sustainable economic and personal growth opportunities to more people than ever before.

Our Commitment

Aliud is driven by our user who demand exceptional software wherever they go. We create the best possible experience, across all our services, because we listen and learn from our most valued voice - our customers.

We're Building The Future

Aliud is innovating industries across the globe and sustainable development is not easy. We are building a company for the long term, and that means investing in our technology, our operations, and most of all our people. All great companies are build on solid foundations.

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