Make things happen risk free with Aliud Guarantee

The Aliud Guarantee helps you do more with peace of mind at no additional cost. Learn more about The Aliud Guarantee to see how we protect your money and property during Aliud orders bought in-app.
All users are protected by our Payment Guarantee that ensures payment for all in-app orders are secure and on-time. We'll safely hold the funds in escrow and will only release them to the Seller once a mutual agreement to end the order is reached. Be sure to contact us with 7 days if something isn't right.
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How it works

Aliud makes it easy to pay and receive payments for any product or service order. Aliud in-app payments is safe, secure, and convenient. We'll guarantee safe keeping of your order funds in our escrow account and ensure the Seller is paid once your order is complete. If something happens, contact us right away to make sure we can start working on your issue right away.

When things go wrong, we're here to help

We want you to be thrilled with every Aliud Seller you find and everything service order done on Aliud. But life is unpredictable. Sellers are human. And sometimes things go wrong. So if anything happens, we’ll work to make it right.

Please read this page and our program terms and conditions closely so you understand what has to happen for you to be eligible for us to help.
For Buyers

Money-Back Guarantee

All users are protected by our Money-Back Guarantee that covers paid in-app orders between a Buyer and a Seller when things don't go right. Hired someone to come finish a job and the next day you find out it's not properly done, we can help cover up to $1,000 USD. Be sure to contact us with 7 days.
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A man who has just saved a 1,000 dollars with the Aliud Guarantee

The Aliud Guarantee is free

Orders paid for in-app qualify for The Aliud Guarantee at not extra charge. The Guarantee doesn't apply to orders paid for with cash.
For Buyers

Property Damage Guarantee

If your Aliud Seller was maybe not a careful as they said and damaged your property, we can help cover you up to $100,000 USD. So if you hired someone to move your furniture around the house and they break a leg on the way out, contact us with 7 days.
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How it works

Be sure to write things down in your Aliud orders: the details, price, duration, location, etc. Use the chat feature to keep a record of your conversations too. This helps make sure you and the Seller are on the same page and help us figure out what happened if you contact us. When you contact us we'll help you talk things over with your Seller to see if they can make things right. You must have paid for your order in-app to quality for our Money-Back and Property Damage Guarantee. You must contact us within 7 days of your order finish to quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions

Here is some of the most important information information for you. We recommend that you read more about The Aliud Guarantee in our Terms and Conditions before using Aliud.
The Aliud Guarantee is limited to $1,000 USD for the Money-Back Guarantee, and $100,00 for the Property Damage Guarantee, and it applies only to Aliud Buyers.
This means Aliud will accept Guarantee requests only from the person who, using Aliud as a registered user, requested and purchased an order from an Aliud Sellers and paid in-app through Aliud.
The Property Damage Guarantee covers direct physical loss or physical damage, which doesn't include faulty installation or incomplete work.
Proof of purchase must include the original order on Aliud and the payment proof provided by the Seller as well as any one or more of the following:
  • In-app messaging and evidence confirming your intentions and agreement for the order.
  • Off-app messaging and evidence confirming you intentions and agreement for the order.
  • A copy of a contract, invoice or other order document which demonstrates your intentions and agreement for the order.
This proof must show that you bought your order from the Seller no later than 30 days after your inital purchase.
You must notify us within a specific time (7 days for Payment Guarantee, 7 days for Money-Back Guarantee, and 7 days for Property Damage Guarantee), even if you are in the process of resolving the issue direct with the seller.
Losses must be incurred as a direct result of services ordered through Aliud.
This means The Aliud Guarantee covers damages or losses directly caused by the Seller during the course of performing or executing the services order.
Aliud will first require Buyers to make a good faith attempt to resolve any issues with the Seller.
You should strive to resolve issues with your seller in a friendly way - and we're here to help support everyone involved. Before The Aliud Guarantee applies, we will first try to help Buyers resolve issues with Sellers directly.
Some types of property are not covered by the Property Damage Guarantee.
For example, the Guarantee doesn't cover art, electronic information, and damages due to uncontrollable events.
If a Seller receives payments and does not perform the order, the Money-Back Guarantee can cover up to $1,000 USD.
To learn more about The Aliud Guarantee, visit our Legal Center.

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