Discover powerful, actionable insights

Insights unlock your earnings potential, audience behavior, and personal business performance.

Leverage useful Insights about your customers

Level up your hustles game with free tools to better understand your business data in one place. Benefit from a deeper understanding of your data and get insights only Aliud can offer with help from Google's machine learning technologies.
get found in aliud marketplace with help from Aliud IQ Insights.

Make the best business decisions with confidence

Easy to understand and useful insights to grow your business across Aliud. Learn all about your customers as you develop and optimize your online business.

A Holistic picture

What's in it for you? Building a great personal business is only the beginning. Aliud IQ empowers you with a holistic picture of your entire MyStore.
Discover and capitalize on new opportunities on a seamless workflow designed to save you time so you can focus on increasing your earnings.
Aliud IQ Insights on transparent background.

Offer, MyStore, and Promo Insights

Our unique learning capabilities help you become sustainable. Plan for the future by learning from the past when you compare your business over time.


  • Process huge amounts of data fast
  • Drive more people to buy from you
  • Optimize your Offer, price and extras
  • Clarify your brand and tone
  • Everything you need to ahead of the competition
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Aliud IQ Offer Reports

Understand how buyers engage with each listed Offer. Track and monitor views, searches, and activities to better understand how your business is growing.

Buyer hotspots

Explore the locations buyers are viewing you from and compare changes over time.
MyStore icon wire style.
Aliud seller profile with photo of women selling.Aliud IQ trends of MyStore and Offer favorites and subscriptions.
Business optimization

Track your entire personal business

See what's going on across your MyStore with useful real-time data. Leverage the power of knowledge to power your business decisions and fuel your growth.
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Live campaign reports in one place

Let's face it, you have a lot going one. Your business has many moving parts. That is why we powered our Promos with Aliud IQ so paid advertising is as seamless as possible.

Request Center insights

Monitor your Bids and how often you applied first. Keep track of the times your were ignored by a buyer.

Build a campaign on your terms


Advertise to local buyer near you who will most likely tap your Offer.


Promos features are affordable and gets your Offer seen.


Simply activate a Promo on any MyStore Offer and let us do the rest.


Algorithms, AI, Machine Learning, and Data-Science choose the best spots.
Build a campaign on your own terms and keep track of bounce, conversion, and abandonment.
You agree to not use Intelligence to track or collect personally identifiable information of any users.
The information you see here may only be accessed for use by you. We supply this information for you to learn and provide better experiences for your buyers. Some values are approximated and only significant values may be shown.
Aliud assistant robot sharing information about how seller reviews are trending down this week.
Aliud Assistant icon on transparent background.

Automated help to save you time

Get marketing performance notifications for your campaign and simple snapshots of your overall marketing efforts with automated help. From start to finish, Aliud Assistant is there.
  • Assistant helps you boost your brand awareness
  • Achieve more sales and goals
  • Never forget a customer conversation
  • Promo budget and performance reporting
Woman selling her business goods in person at a market with Aliud Apps.
Aliud IQ Insights on transparent background.

Run a more efficient personal business

IQ Insights is understandable data that helps you grow your business. Discover what is working and what is not. Learn how your customers engage with you, understand your local market with live demand reports, and know how well your paid Promotions are going all from one place.
“Aliud IQ gave me the confidence I needed to adjust and optimize my business for success.”
Tom K.

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