Aliud IQ Insights on transparent background.

Optimize Offers to earn more profit

Unlock your business potential with useful Offer insights right from Aliud Seller App. Track your performance and uncover how you can optimize your listed Offers in Aliud Marketplace.

Offer Insights

  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Abandonment Rate
  • Views, Returning vs New
  • Searches, Actions, and MyStore visits
  • Buyer Saved to favorites rate
  • Buyer subscription rate
  • Buyer locations
  • And more

Monitor everything

Metrics help you make informed business decisions right from the palm of your hands.

Discover your strengths and weaknesses

Buyers who favorite your MyStore Offers like and support what you're doing. Subscribed buyers are your loyalist fans.
Man holding camera looking at review received from buyers near by

Your business vs the competition

See how you're performing at a glance and compare to similar Offers completed by other Sellers.
  • Basic insights
    Compare views, reach, impressions, search and duration buyers spend on your Offers
  • Performance
    Compare bounce, conversion, and abandonment rates of your MyStore Offers.
  • Actions
    Compare Offer favorites, subscriptions, Offer shares, and referrals online

Insights motivate you to take action

Offer insights like bounce are likely to be lower than anywhere else you will sell if you leverage Aliud IQ's data. The more energy you prioritize towards improving your business the more likely you will earn more profit.

Learn from Buyer heatmaps

Explore the locations buyers are viewing your MyStore and Offers from and compare the changes over time.


  • Extra layer of insights that compliment Google Analytics data
  • Know how your email and ad campaign visitors are engaging with your brand
  • Know where and when your customers are shopping your Offers.
Aliud IQ hotspots are approximate locations powered by Google Maps.
Heat map showing where buyers are on google maps.
Aliud Assistant icon on transparent background.

Make more profit and less mistakes

Get actionable Offer suggestions and manage your online business more efficiently with a little extra help behind the scenes. You deserve to run at your best.
  • Price Updates
  • Market Snapshots
  • MyStore Snapshots
  • Inventory Management
Aliud Assistant notifying Aliud Seller that their Offer price this week is high and that views are low this week.
Learn more about

Discover how you can run your business better

Aliud IQ Insights on transparent background.

All Offer Intelligence FAQs

Your online presence on Aliud matters. Sell and earn more when you optimize the things that work best. Aliud IQ allows you to do this in one place so you can focus on the things you love and let us handle the rest.
Show performance over time to better understand how buyers engage with you.

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