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Reach out to more local customers with advertising solutions for every level of expertise. Thrive on Aliud with Insights about how well your Offer is performing in Aliud Marketplace. Aliud IQ can help bring your business online and help you grow it into something really amazing.
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Aliud IQ Insights on transparent background.

Promo Features Main Insights

Aliud IQ Insight anonymizes data-points making the data more secure and easier to work with when your tracking your Promo performance.
  • Overview
  • Traffic Sources
  • Searches
  • Conversions
  • Activities
  • Add more Credits
Campaign revenue and other stats about your promotion.
Number of Orders completed through Aliud Seller App.
Amount of Reach of MyStore and Offers.
Amount of orders confirmed by the Seller.
Abandonment rate icon.
Average bounce rate information from Aliud IQ Insights.
Buyer average duration on your MyStore and Offers.

Report Snapshots

Know how much you have earned from your Offer and the CPA (cost per acquisition) during an active Promo .
Conversion Rate:

Campaign Overview

Understand the percentage and change in new versus returning viewers to your Offer

Campaign Traffic

Total number of views, times it was seen, and times it was made visible to buyers.
  • Current Campaign
  • Without Promo
Aliud Offer and MyStore Views Reach Aliud Offer and MyStore Aliud Offer and MyStore Impressions.

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Aliud offer and MyStore searches powered by IQ Insights.Number of direct searches information from Aliud IQ Insights.Aliud offer and MyStore Discovery powered by IQ Insights.

Campaign Searches

Total number of views, times it was seen, and times it was made visible to buyers.

Campaign Ativites

Track visits to your MyStore, shares, favorites, and subscriptions of your Promo Offer.
All promotion and campaign information from Aliud IQ Insights.

Discover how you can run your business better

Aliud IQ Insights on transparent background.

All Promo Offer Intelligence

These are the insights Aliud IQ provides to you. Try changing-up your Offer each time or during your active campaign and compare results with past campaigns.
Show performance over time to better understand how buyers engage with you.

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