Aliud Covid-19 Response

Aliud & Co. Global Innovations Inc. is responding to COVID seriously because everyone deserves to live a safe and rewarding life. We have asked to continue working remotely and to start working from home from this day forward.

Release Details:

EDMONTON, AB: Aliud is currently developing the Aliud Seller App and due to Covid-19 health risks, we have decided to no longer meet other Aliud team members and contractors in face-to-face settings. We believe a seamless transition to working 100% remote will be complete in the coming weeks.

We’re still hiring top talent

We're looking for talented, motivated team members to help us support small businesses to adapt and stay open, even if their storefront doors are being closed.

Conducting flexible interviews

We're chatting with candidates remotely and we're flexible around schedules, kids, and dogs. Our onboarding has gone remote too.

Still hiring top talent

We've helped every possible employee transition to work from home and we’re hiring people that can use online collaboration tools with them. 

Closing Comments:

We believe the personal brand and small business market is set to explode because more people are losing their employment and are being forced to create income for themselves. A rapid transformation in the employment sector is to be expected as one of the outcomes of a post-Covid pandemic life. We must be on top of the latest information because our industry is changing fast. We will continue to monitor the situation and release more information as it becomes available.