Aliud Founder is Dominique Beaupre

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EDMONTON, AB: Aliud's founder Dominique Beaupre is a 23 years old Canadian from Edmonton, who started developing his first software company and app prototype of his concept he called ‘Aliud Services’ in August 2018. His desire for entrepreneurship brought him a life-change opportunity when he attended a month-long international innovation competition in Cascais, Portugal. It was called the ‘European Innovation Academy’ or ‘ EIA’ for short. Read more about it here

I was lucky and I’m grateful for the opportunity that came before me.

He participated in the international startup competition as the team’s CEO of a startup recently co-founded and called LOWGO - the best peer-to-peer asset sharing marketplace. The company was competing for a chance to pitch on the big stage for an attempt at capturing interest and investment from the angels, VCs, and general audience members.

Image of Dominique Beaupre at the European Innovation Academy in the summer of 2018. EIA is accepting student applications.

‍In the summer of 2018, Beaupre had to choose between pursuing his Global Master’s Degrees in France, China, and Brazil or to trade all his assets, time, and energy for an attempt at building his software startup Aliud. He saw a highly segmented marketplace ready to explode in the coming decades that he could not stop thinking about. With support from his partner, family, and friends, he knew what he had to do next. 

Dominique Beaupre mentions it’s a ‘win-win situation’ if Aliud was the next unicorn or a complete failure. 

I’ll try building a technology company and if I don’t, I will learn and apply somewhere else.

Most peer-to-peer e-commerce services are now on-demand and industry-focused platforms are becoming very popular everywhere around the world. Handmade products are sold and shipped from people at home and on the go, new personal services platforms are quickly becoming normalized employment options, and people are creating side-hustles however they can more than ever before. Aliud can help make this accelerating global transition to a more flexible employment future so everyone can have more access to economic and personal growth opportunities.

I only had 100k, what would you do?

He first set out testing the feasibility of his service proposition by researching and getting to know the nuances between the industry players, their customer demands, and overall global trends. Beaupre is more concerned about what the competition was and was not doing so he could learn from it and do it 10 times better. No surprise, our love for making things better has inspired the company mission.

From this day forward, Aliud is on a mission - a mission to make commerce better for everyone. Read our full founding story here.