Aliud Startup is Official


EDMONTON, AB: Aliud & Co. Global Innovations, Inc. is officially incorporated in the state of Delaware (DE, USA) on October 15, 2018. Aliud has selected Legalinc Corporate Services, Inc. to act as our registered agent for the next 4 years. The CEO of the company is Mr. Dominique Beaupre, who was 23 years of age and from Edmonton, Alberta at the time of incorporation. The projected capital requirements to fund the first 3 iterations of the Aliud service, for a total of 2.5 years in length, will be provided by the founder. Marshall Harris prepared the documents. Attorney Joshua Soloway of Barton LLP, and our board of directors unanimously agree that Aliud elects C corporation status in the state of Delaware to better position us as a future investment opportunity by American holding companies. 

Aliud is a complementary asset for portfolio companies like Angie’s List and established brands seeking immediate exposure in new industries like Meetup, Upwork, and Facebook.

Large software players invest in or acquire companies like ours because we are agnostic, lean, and have a strategy. 

During the past month, the company has been exploring possible company strategies, marketing angles, and software features. We have also been researching and innovating with low-fidelity mockups and Q/A testing. We are building concepts now so that we can learn from our customers and let their actions lead us the way forward with our design and functionality. 

It takes time to get everything out of our heads to properly convey our full ideas.

We have completed our first month of full-time development supervised by the founder Dominique Beaupre. He believes that some sort of testable concept like a minimal viable product concept could be ready for customer testing as soon as the coming year. 

Only once we gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ pains can we truly create the solutions that actually kills their pains and sets them up to thrive. 

Now that the company is officially incorporated we will begin to doing business under the name Aliud. We are considering trademarking the wordmark Aliud in the near future. Aliud is presently searching for the right development team that can help us move forward faster and who will be responsible for creating the backend infrastructure of our initial viable product. More on this to come.