Aliud Mid-Year Company Update 2019


EDMONTON, AB: Aliud & Co. Global Innovations Inc. is pleased to announce we have finished the development of Aliud Buyer prototype version 2.0 on June 20, 2019. 

We are off to a great start this year. 

Aliud has been researching and developing proprietary software designed to make personal business better and less painful for nearly one year. Our company has formed international relationships with leading experts like Logicspice, Qubstudio, and Mob Creative to advance our business brand and software development. 

We want to demonstrate problem-solution fit in our target markets fasts.

Our team is lean, we have a low burn rate, and we have managed to achieve the following goals since incorporation:

  • We have formed a new partnership with Qubstudio to review Aliud Buyer App version one created by Logicpsice and provide a team capable of providing development services. Their deliverables included presentations, information architectures, strategy reports, and development reports. They provided satisfactory services until a better and more affordable option came around.  
  • We have formed a new partnership with MobCreative to enhance our brand, message, and marketing strategy. Their purpose is to help us uncover our hidden value and optimize how we communicate our message to our audience. MobCreative was chosen because of their outstanding track record and experience working with small startups.
  • Completed extensive research studies to better understand the competitive landscape and how we should develop Aliud. Aliud Buyer App version 2.0 is now complete. We will conduct user testing and iterate the design one more time before we launch our software.
  • We collected over 500 small business leads.

Closing Comments:

The first half of 2019 taught our team valuable lessons. We learned that the user experience will make or break our business management and buying service. Inventions without seamless user experiences tend to fail fast. For this reason, some features have been removed from the initial product launch and saved for future product updates when we have more resources. Read more about our future plans or become an investor here.