Aliud Mid-Year Company Update 2020

EDMONTON, AB: Aliud & Co. Global Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce we have finished the frontend development of the Aliud Buyer and Aliud Seller prototypes on June 30, 20120. 

We are going to start the backend development very soon.

Aliud has been researching and developing proprietary software designed to make personal business better and less painful for nearly two years. Our company has formed international relationships with leading experts like Logicspice, Qubstudio, and Mob Creative to advance our business and software strategy. 

Over the course of these past six months, we have worked closely with Mr. Zhang to achieve the following business goals:

  • Refreshed the look and feel for the Aliud brand 
  • Collected over 500 customer leads
  • Completed version 3.0 of the Aliud Buyer App.
  • Completed a low fidelity mockup of the Aliud Seller App version 1.0 
  • Completed a high fidelity version of the Aliud Seller App version 2.0
  • Completed and finalize the look, feel, and function of Aliud Seller App version 3.0 
  • Completed frontend development on both Aliud Apps 
  • Began the web portal development which can now be found at

Closing Comments:

The first half of 2020 has been especially challenging for everyone at Aliud. We had only just begun working full time on Seller App when we were forced to work from home due to the ongoing global pandemic. Once our team found the collaboration tools and methods that worked best for us, we were able to resume development at an accelerated pace continuing where we left off in person. We are very excited to share more information about our company at the 2020 annual shareholder meeting on December 31, 2020, from 15:00MST to 16:30MST. A location will be shared closer to the date. 

To read more about our future plans and to become an Aliud investor, go here.