New Partnership with Logicspice


EDMONTON, AB: Aliud & Co. Global Innovations is pleased to announce we have formed a partnership with software design and development agency Logicspice located in Jaipur, India on August 18, 2018. CEO Dominique Beaupre and Manish Shrimal, a business development manager at Logicspice, are finalizing partnership contracts and work agreements today. The remote India-based team will begin the onboarding process as soon as possible.

We’re very excited to have formed a partnership with Logicspice and they will help us build Aliud at night while we work in Canada during the day.

Beaupre remembers it taking quite a few phone calls with many agencies everywhere across the world before finally narrowing down to the best one for the job. CEO Dominique Beaupre made it clear that Aliud was searching for a special kind of partnership.

We were looking for a partnership with one team that could handle everything. 

Aliud did not want to use valuable resources onboarding various stakeholders. For this reason, any many others, we outsourced our technical positions. Dominique Beaupre oversaw the project manager who was responsible for communication and team management. The full team would eventually consist of a user interface and experience designer who would build the look and feel of the application. A few front-end developers that would bring life and enable interactions with the design. Logicspice would further provide their best back-end developers who would be responsible for creating the technology that would automate the software service. 

Everyone at Aliud is very excited to see how things develop over the coming months and we can’t wait to share what we have been working on. Stay tuned for more Company News. Subscribe to Our Newsletter below.