Aliud Partners With Qubstudio


EDMONTON, AB: Aliud & Co. Global Innovations Inc. is pleased to announce we have formed a business partnership with design and development agency Qubstudio, located in Ukraine, on January 10, 2019. Aliud's CEO Dominique Beaupre and Ross Yaremchuk, a business development manager at Qubstudio, finalized the partnership agreements today. The Ukrainian team of five will begin the onboarding process very soon. Mr. Beaupre and Qubstudio have developed a formal relationship over the past month and we trust that they will deliver on their expectations throughout the coming iterations.

We believe Qubstudio is a tremendous asset to our development team as we grow and develop our international working relationship.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Aliud has decided to terminate our relationship with design and development agency Logicpspice after only a few months into software design and development. Beaupre notes that the working relationship was starting to go south after various quality checks failed to meet our standards.

Working 24/7 took a toll on our mental and physical wellness.

Because spent most of his time developing the business during the day and holding meetings with team members remotely during the night. Four months of high-productivity and working around the clock on Aliud started to slow down around November.


We believe our new partnership with Qubstudio will augment our total customer value and transform the way we think about Aliud forever.