Aliud Seller App Prototype Complete


EDMONTON, AB: The Aliud team is excited to share that we have completed the development of the last iteration of the Aliud Seller App on July 24th, 2020. The final design development cycle was short and consisted of minor UI and graphic design changes. Aliud will now begin creating the web portal as the CEO, Dominique Beaupre, prepares the company for our first capital raise. More information will be provided during the 2020 midyear annual general meeting.

Aliud Seller App Done. Hurrah!!!

Aliud Seller is going to change the way people manage their personal business forever. Aliud Seller offers a seamless and simple business management experience so all kinds of entrepreneurs, at all stages, can easily start, run, and market any kind of business Offer. Sellers can list personal services from one or more locations and charge customers by the hour or a fixed price. Sellers may also sell handmade, home-baked, and new and used products with options like curb-side pickup or delivery. Please visit the Seller Features page for a complete list of all the features and to learn more about our services. 

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