Aliud Seller App Update

EDMONTON, AB: Aliud & Co. Global Innovations Inc. is excited to announce that we have been busy developing Aliud Seller App this past month. 

We are about 35% complete Aliud Seller App version 1.0. 

Aliud Seller App is a powerful personal business management tool. We offer personalizable digital storefronts, an automated order management center, chat feature, request center for Sellers to start, run, and grow their personal business. We combine data science, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to make everything possible. 

We plan to conduct more user experience research and testing over the next few months.

Our team is creating low-fidelity mockups to test and then optimize so we have the best user interface design choices to choose from. Sam Zhang is leading the research and development of the Aliud software user experience and interface design scrum.

We took a company-wide break over the holidays and everyone enjoyed this much-needed break. CEO Dominique Beaupre mentions that

Going home to my parents during the holiday season let me reflect on Aliud's progress and rethink our challenges. These past few weeks have been amazing.

We planed the development of the Aliud Buyer App prototypes so that there was some buffer room at the end of the last development cycle just in case things went longer than expected. Scope creep was a persistent challenge we all faced and somehow we managed to get that time off for personal growth. The first two weeks off work in early January gave us the opportunity to organize our minds so we can all build a stronger company. It has helped us proceed with Aliud Seller App in a calm and confident manner. 

We learned much from the development of the Buyer App and the new insights needed to be shared within our team. The Aliud Seller App is expected to be developed in about half the amount of time as the Buyer App. Since working on Seller App, our team has found it works best when we decided to work together in sprints and then take a few days to execute changes before meeting again. This should help us remain on target and focused during meetings together.