Aliud Seller App Version 2.0 Complete

Aliud & Co. Global Innovations Inc. is excited to share that we have completed the development of the second iteration of the Aliud Seller App on this 20th day of June 2020. The development cycle was finished on time and on budget. We are preparing to perform user testing before we begin the final design of the Seller App in the spring.


EDMONTON, AB: Aliud Services is more than a business management platform. Aliud v2.0 now offers every independent Seller access to a powerful AI business assistant to help stay organized and Aliud IQ Insights, an analytical tool to track MyStore and Offer performance in Aliud Marketplace. These services will be accessible from the Aliud Seller platform free of charge when Sellers enable in-app payments on all their public MyStore Offers. 

Our sustainable competitive advantage comes from our suite of services that diversify our business and future revenue streams.

Building Aliud V2.0 taught us that Sellers require features that give them more time to do the things they love. Selling on Aliud has always been about making personal business better for everyone. That is why we have introduced these cutting-edge features to our the refreshed Seller App. Our company intends on performing one more overhaul to the seller platform design before backend development can resume.

We intend on releasing an RFP for a backend development business partner in Q4 2020. Please consider subscribing to our press newsletter to stay up-to-date with all that is happening at Aliud.