Aliud Seller App Version 1.0 Complete

Aliud & Co. Global Innovations Inc. is excited to share that we have completed the development of the first iteration of Aliud Seller App on May 6, 2020.


EDMONTON, AB: These past months have been extremely rewarding for the entire Aliud team. As a result of the Coivd-19 pandemic, the Aliud team has been working remotely for nearly the entire development cycle of the Aliud Seller App version 1.0. We are slightly ahead of schedule due to the benefits of working from home. 

The changes brought by the pandemic increased our development speed.

Aliud Seller logo on digital watch

More flexibility was one of the benefits we have from COVID-19. Our specific advantage is that our team can now work remotely and avoid commuting, work at personal peak performance hours, and asynchronously only when needed. As a result of the workplace shift, our development team was able to work more efficiently on the first version of the Aliud Seller App. Now that we understand how to work as a team during COVID we can adjust timelines and projections to reflect the new situation we’re all living in. We expect to complete the second version of the Aliud Seller App in Q2 2020.