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Aliud is a tightly integrated personal business management and local shopping set of applications that work collectively to run an entire personal business on the cloud. It’s the true operating system for side-hustle businesses because you don’t need a website and it’s easy to start selling (or video-shopping) on demand local Offer near you.

Aliud Apps has been a vision for more than 2 years in the making. It has always been about our customer pains of getting their side-hustle businesses online and attracting local customers. We’ve solved that with our free local commerce app. Perfect for buying and selling personal services and customized handmade products from passionate entrepreneurs, small businesses, and creative makers.

With Aliud, we’ve seamlessly integrated simple features every new personal brand and small business company needs to get online, build a brand, and serve its customers. We do with by providing Sellers with a complete personal business management application that helps them run their online business from the palms of their hands. Customers discover local Offers that can be bought for on demand execution meaning anything is possible in under 30 minutes. Sellers build their brand with 5-star reviews, make data-driven decisions with insights from Aliud IQ, and operate their online business more efficiently with help from their very own personal assistant Aliud Assistant. To start, run, and grow your personal business now click here.

 To us, it’s all about enhancing the business and customer experience, so buying and selling from your neighbors is seamless and hassle-free.

 We’ve looked beyond just offering mobile applications to find unique ways to create even more value for our customers. This led us to integrate our applications with leading third-party software companies to preserve your choice and flexibility, rather than seek to lock you in with us. That’s a poor play from the past. We’d rather earn your business the right way.

 Our innovation doesn’t stop with the software. We also went after the gig market ourselves by launching Aliud VIP so we could always have an inside perspective to our customers’ problems.

Once you have an idea and want to get it online and sold, it must be set up online first. And that takes time, effort, and energy. Every new seller does this their own way, so this means the experience is painfully lonely and learning is self-directed. Do it our way and it’s not so painful because there is nothing to learn or buy when your buy and sell Offers between your local neighbors on Aliud – something the competitors just can’t offer.

Aliud is an ecosystem and console for everything related to your personal business dealings. You’re always in control – at the order inquiry, execution, and post-delivery because we believe in empowering people not controlling them.  

Buy local, support local, sustain local on the Aliud Platform.