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Your Offer deserves to be on top

Get to the top of Aliud Marketplace by fearing your MyStore Offer. Stay on the top as long as you like.


Pay a fixed amount per day
Pay only $2.00 per day for up to 30 days. Use your Aliud account balance or pay by card to activate this feature.
Only $2.00 per day
Minimum 3 days required
To activate this Promo, simply navigate to the Offer in your MyStore and tap 'Promote Now'

Feature Promo Benefits

Grab more attention by placing your Offer at the top of Aliud Marketplace
With up to 10x more views than without, it's the best way to get extra attention
We'll put your Offer in the Featured section and optimize when it's shown.

How Feature Works

Your Offer gets displayed in many locations: within the dedicated Featured section of the Aliud Marketplace Feed, in search results, and where you choose to place it on your MyStore.
If there are many Sellers competing for the same advertising space, they will be rotated each time the feed is refreshed to encourage an equitable market.
We'll place your Offer in front of the eyes of the best potential buyers using AI and data science. This popular feature gets you incredible exposure.
Feature Promo gets you more quality views because your Offer is the first thing they see when they open the Aliud Buyer App. That means you can claim the prime spot and maximize your ROI fast.
Because of their prominent position within the Aliud Marketplace, Featured Offers typically get the most views and responses.
Feature your Offer in the Aliud Marketplace for as many days as you like, up to a maximum of 30 days, depending on on the category.

Benefits & Tips

  • Featured Offers occupy more spaces to extend your reach on Aliud
  • Activate Boost and Feature Promos to maximize your earnings potential
  • Buyers see your Offer immediately at the top of their feeds

Why Choose Promo Feature?

You agree to not use insights to track or collect personally identifiable information of any users for any reason.
The information you see here may only be accessed for use by you. We supply this information for you to learn and provide better experiences for your buyers. Some values are approximated and only significant values may be shown. Read our Privacy Policy.
Aliud IQ Insights on transparent background.

Promote with confidence using AI and Data-Science

Run your campaign knowing what's going on 24/7 with live campaign reports. Make changes on-the-fly and track how your customers respond over time.

Insight Benefits

  • Save time and money making your own ads
  • Keep more of the profits with low ad fees
  • Start and scale your business as you want
  • Promote your Offers to local customers
  • Get a higher sales conversion
Aliud assistant robot sharing information about how seller reviews are trending down this week.
Aliud Assistant icon on transparent background.

Automated help to save you time

Get performance notifications for your campaign and simple snapshots of your overall marketing efforts with some automated help.
  • Notifications and recommendations
  • Promo budget and performance reporting
  • Predictions and business insights
“Getting my Offer at the top of Marketplace gave me more sales than I could have imagined."
Andrea L.

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