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Promotions can help you grow your business and achieve your revenue goals. Rank higher in Aliud Marketplace and be positioned in front of the right buyers, every time.

Increase your ROI for as little as $0.01 today.
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Reach people that matter most to your business in just a few taps. We define you ideal customer through their pattern recognition and activities they do on and off Aliud so trained AI can position ads in the ideal spots.


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Be seen more in search, Marketplace & filter results.
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  • Campaign Reports
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  • Pay with Promo Credits


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Get your Offer on Top of Marketplace.
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Share more with bigger and bolder Offer previews.
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To activate a Promo, simply navigate to the Offer in your MyStore and tap 'Promote Now.'
*We provide no guarantee regarding the performance your Offer will actually achieve.

Market your personal offers to interested buyers

Aliud Marketplace is place for people to discover creative personal businesses within their local community. Here are some top benefits when you promote your Offer in Marketplace.

Choose the best way to express your Offer

Since photo and video ads cost the same, you can choose what method you want to convey your value through.
  • Photo Promos
    Great for used products and standard services
  • Video Promos
    Perfect for product demos and personal services
Option 1

Photo Promos

Share your Offer through bright, simple, and creative photos.
Option 2

Video Promos

Capture the benefits and create trust with your buyers by using short video as your next level sales hook.

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Promo Reports

Get live-reporting of your Promo performance and manage all your promoted Offers with Aliud Seller App.

Access past campaign reports and optimize your marketing strategy with complex information presented in a simply way.
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Activate a Promo to see your campaign report.

Before you Promote

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Get started with free business tools tools

Make your store easy to find, both in-app and all over the internet
Create eye-catching Offers that encourage people to visit your MyStore
Compliment your business sales with Aliud. Easily integrate Aliud the tools that you already love and enjoy.

Ready to see what Aliud Promos can do for your business?

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Gain confidence in your campaign

Get help from a friendly AI when you promote your Aliud Offers on Aliud Marketplace. Get free performance alerts and insights only Aliud can provide.
  • Recommendations
  • Campaign optimization
  • Marketplace demand reports
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Elevate your earnings potential, start a campaign today

Get more eyes looking at your Offers with affordable advertisement options. Monitor your campaigns and extend your reach with Promos on Aliud Seller App.
We provide no guarantee regarding the performance your Offer will actually receive.
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