Sponsor Promo Benefits

Offers are bigger and better with more space to share your Offer benefits and content
Different backgrounds make your Offers pop - get more views, responses, and sales.
Sponsored Offers stand out the most in Marketplace and search results
Make your Offer shine bright by highlighting and making it bigger and bolder for maximum visibility.
Large Offer previews means you share more of everything you have to offer including with descriptions and your MyStore information.
The more eyes you draw to your Offer, the better you chances of selling. Sponsor gives you that extra attention you need over a longer time period.
Sponsoring your Offer duplicates your Offer and doesn't change the position of your original Offer in Marketplace.
Thanks to the large size, Sponsored Offers get to share more of the Offer media content so your photos are bigger and your videos are better.
Your Offer will stay Sponsored for as long as you have Promo Credits, up to a maximum of 3 weeks per campaign, depending on the Offer category.

Benefits & Tips

  • Sponsored Offers occupy more screen space to share more information fast
  • Sell faster with Offers  automatically retargeted based on buyer behavior
  • Sponsoring Offers were designed for maximum attention

Why Choose Sponsor Promo?

You agree to not use insights to track or collect personally identifiable information of any users for any reason.
The information you see here may only be accessed for use by you. We supply this information for you to learn and provide better experiences for your buyers. Some values are approximated and only significant values may be shown. Read our Privacy Policy.
Aliud IQ Insights on transparent background.

Promote with confidence using AI and Data-Science

Run your campaign knowing what's going on 24/7 with live campaign reports. Make changes on-the-fly and track how your customers respond over time.

Insight Benefits

  • Save time and money making your own ads
  • Keep more of the profits with low ad fees
  • Start and scale your business as you want
  • Promote your Offers to local customers
  • Get a higher sales conversion
Aliud assistant robot sharing information about how seller reviews are trending down this week.
Aliud Assistant icon on transparent background.

Automated help to save you time

Get performance notifications for your campaign and simple snapshots of your overall marketing efforts with some automated help.
  • Notifications and recommendations
  • Promo budget and performance reporting
  • Predictions and business insights
"Sponsoring my professional home services was the best idea I ever made. I'm so busy now!"
Marissa H.

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