Accessibility at Aliud

Our technology has transformed lives for many people with disabilities, and we're committed to continuing to develop solutions that support everyone's ability to easily use ours services in their everyday lives.

Users with disabilities

Aliud's technology is helping to create independence for users with disabilities, with features and capabilities like these:
Cashless payments
Aliud's cashless payment option simplifies the payment process, reducing the need for users to worry about counting out cash or exchanging bills with buyer.
On-demand ordering
The Aliud app makes it easier for buyers with disabilities to get services and things brought right to them. They no longer have to arrange with others or resort to other, less convenient, means to achieve their goal.
Upfront pricing
Aliud uses upfront pricing to let buyers know the cost of their orders before they place them. This gives them peace of mind and helps eliminate the risk of fraud.
Anti-discrimination policies
We encourage that all users of our services respect each other online and in person. This reduces opportunities for unlawful discrimination to interfere with the order process.
Service animal policies
For buyers who are blind or low-vision and may be with their service animals at the time of order, Aliud's Service Animal Policy requires all users to comply with all applicable laws regarding the use of service animal in business.
Share order and location
Buyers can easily share the order and location with loved ones for extra peace of mind. Friends or family members can receive a link to the the order and your seller's profile.
Buyers who are deaf or hard of hearing
Audio isn't needed for full functionality of the Uber app. Assistive technology such as visible and vibrating alerts can help buyers who are deaf or hard of hearing use the Aliud app easily, and in-app feature, such as the ability to enter destinations, can facilitate non-verbal communication between the buyer and seller.
Buyers with assistance needs
At Aliud, we strive to increase access to all our services and solutions for everyone, everywhere. Our sellers are encourages to get independent training from thrid-party organization to help serve people who might need specific training.

Sellers with disabilities

Sellers with mobility disabilities
Aliud provides economic and personal growth opportunities for people with disabilities. Aliud welcomes sellers who use modified vehicles, tools and methods for growing their business. We simply ask that you comply with local laws.
Sellers who are deaf or hard of hearing
Aliud opens up flexible economic opportunities for sellers who are deaf or heard of hearing. Our instant chat feature allows you to share your location, message, videos and files. Chat and automated functions makes its possible for people with disabilities to see themselves earning as an Aliud Seller.

Sellers with disabilities

Accessibility compliance notification
Sellers must comply with all applicable state, federal, and local laws governing the type of orders they offer Buyers with disabilities. Violating those laws constitute a breach of our Terms of Service agreement.

Accordingly, sellers are expected to accommodate buyers using walkers, canes, folding wheelchairs, or other assist devices to the maximum extent feasible. If the buyer has a mental or other disability you are expected to help them to the same extent.

Any report of unlawful discrimination will result in the temporary deactivation of a seller's account while Aliud reviews the incident. Confirmed violations of the law with respect to buyers with disabilities may result in permanent loss of a seller's access to the Aliud platform.
Service Animal Policy
State and federal law prohibit sellers using the Aliud Seller app from deny service to riders with service animal because of the service animals, and from otherwise discriminating against buyers with service animals. As explained in our Terms of Service agreement, sellers who engage in discriminatory conduct in violation of this legal obligation will lose their ability to use the Seller app.

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